It’s a slow, simmering season with chilly days still ahead. In those quiet moments, don’t forget to prioritize and nourish yourself. Embrace your downtime. When the rest of the world seems to be hibernating, you can too. A few holidays are sprinkled throughout the rest of winter, and you may have special plans, but what about the times in between when no one is watching? Show yourself some love with gorgeous lingerie! Beautiful lingerie is not reserved for making an impression on anyone else or when you want to flaunt your sexiness on holidays. It’s for you—every day. Let the following ideas help you turn up the heat and nourish yourself, even on chilly days.

Make Your Mornings Meaningful in a Laced Bra

Without the constraints of obligations, it sure feels great to sleep in. If you have the chance to sleep longer on the weekends, take it. At the same time, mornings are a favorite time of day for many because they help set the tone for the day. You can make the morning feel powerful, motivating, and intimate with the pieces you wear. Starting your day with some sexy, beautiful lingerie is sure to lift your feminine spirit. Wrap up in a robe with an intricate laced bra and matching panties underneath and brew a cup of tea. See where the day takes you. Your truest forms of “me time” are the hours you spend honoring the relationship you have with yourself.

Journal While Wearing Beautiful Lingerie

If you feel like journaling and warming up with a nice latte, put on your favorite lingerie before slipping into something warm. Perhaps it’s a laced, white unlined underwire bra that hugs your curves perfectly while offering all the necessary support. Or perhaps it’s a red-hot balconette with lace cups that puts a skip in your step. As you set off to find the right environment for a cozy journaling session, maybe you’ll find yourself at a new cafe you’ve never been to before. Take a seat and warm up while journaling your thoughts about the past and your hopes for the future.

Make a Vision Board While Donning Comfortable Intimates

After the day’s errands are done, sometimes it’s fun to just enjoy a cozy evening at home. This is also the time to bust out some comfy clothes like a soft sleepshirt, cotton lounge shorts, or a matching two-piece lounge set. There’s also nothing stopping you from wearing a thong bodysuit, teddy, or busty bralette if that feels right for the moment. Great-fitting, beautiful lingerie lets you tap into all sides of yourself—today, through the rest of winter, and beyond. Use this energy to make a vision board that inspires you and reflects where you want to go. With support and comfort on your side in your comfortable intimates, there’s nothing you can’t do.

About Skarlett Blue

Lingerie from Skarlett Blue is both beautiful and functional. The brand combines feminine styling and innovative design to give you great-fitting lingerie that you can confidently wear every day. Skarlett Blue is inspired by Paris’s romance and red-hot aura, plus the electric-cool vibe of New York City. Let the brand captivate your imagination with intimates that are unapologetically sexy. Get the functional support you need with a variety of silhouettes and materials, including laced bra styles, mesh panties, and a busty bralette for women who wear D-DDD cup sizes. Skarlett Blue’s commitment to women of all shapes and sizes is represented throughout the brand’s lingerie selection. The design process includes a team of women designers with diverse backgrounds. Feel like your most authentic self while wearing lingerie from Skarlett Blue.

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